- The Shadow of War

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The Shadow of War
Penguin 2014
The Shadow of War book cover

June 1914 - The beginning of another long, prosperous summer for Britain. But beneath the clear skies, all is not as it seem - as the chill wind of social discontent swirls around this sceptred isle.

Shots ring out in a distant European land - the assassination of a foreign aristocrat. From that moment the entire world is propelled into a conflict unlike any seen before.

This is the story of five British communities, their circumstances very different, but who will all share in the tragedy that is to come. All that they have known will be changed for ever by the catastrophic
events of the Great War.

This is a story of love and comradeship, of hatred and tragedy - this is the story of the Great War.

This first installment of The Great War Series is currently available in hardback and available in paperback from 23rd October 2014 (see links below).

“It could become the book on the conflict remembered this year 100 years on”
Sunday Sport

“Anyone with even a vague interest in Britain and the Great War should read Shadow of War"
Celia Sandys, granddaughter of Winston Churchill

Once again Stewart Binns has managed to create something unique, entertaining and eye-opening...personal tales that inspire and horrify in equal measure. By the time I finished the book I felt entertained and educated. I’m very much looking forward to book 2.” 

Parmenion Books

The insights into the lives of Churchill and his family are the highlights, but the whole thing is a tour de force of writing brilliance, and it's great to know that in five years time, Stuart will have delivered a book for each of the first world war years. A totally enjoyable experience, a brilliant start to a terrific project.
Books Monthly

“A solid read"
Beattie's Books

“A moving and gripping tale"
The Book Bag

An impressive opener to what promises to be one of the best series to come out of the Great War centenary…"
Lancashire Evening Post

Very interesting and definitely recommended"
Historical Novel Review

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