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Stewart's latest novel, Crusade, will be published by Penguin on 26th April 2012. Crusade is the sequel to Conquest which was one of the best-selling historical fiction novels of 2011.

1072 - England is firmly under the heel of its new Norman rulers. The few survivors of the English resistance look to Edgar the Atheling, the rightful heir to the English throne, to overthrow William the Conqueror.

Years of intrigue and vicious civil war follow: brother against brother, family against family, friend against friend.

In the face of chaos and death, Edgar and his allies form a secret brotherhood, pledging to fight for justice and freedom wherever they are denied. But soon they are called to fight for an even greater cause: the plight of the Holy Land. Embarking on the epic First Crusade to recapture Jerusalem, together they will participate in some of the cruellest battles the world has ever known, the savage Siege of Antioch and the brutal Fall of Jerusalem, and together they will fight to the death.


Stewart Binns is an Author, award-winning Documentary Producer and Consultant.

His television credits include the ‘In-Colour’ genre of programmes, notably the BAFTA and Grierson winner, Britain at War in Colour and the Peabody winner, The Second World War in Colour. He also launched Trans World Sport in 1987, Futbol Mundial in 1993, the Olympic Games Camera of Record in 1994 and the Olympic Television Archive Bureau in 1996. Other productions include Century 1998, Churchill 2003, Tiger, The Official Biography 2004, Indochine 2009, Korea: The Forgotten War 2010. His latest production, Seisen, the Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire, was completed in January 2012.

Currently Chief Executive and Co-Founder with his wife Lucy, of the independent production and distribution company, Big Ape Media International (www.bigapemedia.com), his writing credits include non-fiction titles The Greatest: Who is Britain’s Top Sports Star? published by Boxtree in 1996,The Second World War in Colour, published by Pavilion in 1999, Britain at War in Colour published by Carlton in 2000, America at War in Colour published by Carlton in 2001 and British Empire in Colour published by Carlton in 2002.

His first novel, Conquest, was published by Penguin in 2011, and its sequel, Crusade, will be released in April 2012.

His home is in Somerset, where he lives with his wife Lucy and twin boys, Charlie and Jack.